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Coronaldo – wersglaubtwirdselig.ch

Coronaldo – wersglaubtwirdselig.ch

What has happened to this beautiful, tranquil country at the far end of Europe? And what does Ronaldo have to do with it?

Another guest article by my Portuguese expat friends Manuel and Andrea. The two live in beautiful Portugal a bit away from the urban hustle and bustle and report (rightly) worried about their new home and how it is changing at a rapid pace.
A country that, like so many other countries, seems to be evolving in a short time from a seemingly livable, cozy place into an unsympathetic police state. This is excused, as everywhere, with the flimsy pretext of health and the fight against an emergency.

Here now the text of Manuel.
The original article (also as PDF) can be found here: The miraculous case of Cristiano R. – quintadasfigueiras.ch

Portugal has been in a state of emergency since Thursday. Unlike when the state of emergency was declared, this time the anti-corona measures are drastically tightened. The fact that political harshness is more in the foreground than reasonableness should no longer surprise anyone. But the tendency toward a totalitarian regime is suddenly more tangible than at any time since the Carnation Revolution in 1974, when the country rid itself of the fascist dictatorship. Now the country needs courageous people who remember their past – or a whole new national hero. One who has weathered storms and made history for Portugal on several occasions.

In the Corona crisis, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa is increasingly turning into a diabolical tyrant – a role in which he seems to enjoy himself. He sees himself as infallible; it is always the others who are to blame. In the case of the increasing number of cases in this country, this is the people, who allegedly simply don’t want to follow the rules by hook or by crook. However, this seems quite unlikely, as the Portuguese voluntarily went into lockdown in large numbers at the beginning of the pandemic, before it had even been declared by the government. Likewise, we currently see exemplary mask wearers in various areas where this is neither mandatory nor sensible: alone in the car, alone when walking along the country road, or even alone at the table in the garden pub. Even children under the age of ten are not spared, although this is not provided for by law.

Last hurdle before the surveillance state

So much submissive voluntariness of a frightened population is obviously not enough for the strict patriarch. Since Thursday, a state of disaster has been in effect across the country, coupled with new, tougher rules to curb COVID-19, such as a ban on groups of more than five people gathering in public spaces. A general outdoor mask requirement only needs to be signed off by parliament. The intimidated legislature, which belongs to the government, is unlikely to put any major obstacles in the way of the project. The fact that neither in neighboring Spain nor anywhere else in the world has compulsory masks ever had any influence on the incidence of infection is ignored here as well – what will count is the symbolic effect.

The same applies to the mandatory use of the tracing app “Stay Away Covid. But at least this leaves one secular institution that still stands in the way of the diabolical plan of totalitarian surveillance: The national data protection authority expressed fundamental privacy concerns. In fact, the brave bureaucrats point out, Portugal would be the first of 55 countries that have signed the data protection convention to force its citizens to use a tracing app. But already the data protectors are coming under massive political and media fire, and it’s questionable whether they will be able to withstand this pressure for much longer. Dear citizens of other countries: take this as a warning, because in Portugal, too, there has so far always and exclusively been talk of the voluntary nature of the use of the tracing app!

“Coronaldo” as a savior in need?

So if, under the onslaught of panic-mongering media and psychopathic politicians, all worldly hurdles to such a diabolical scheme should fall, then only divine help can be hoped for. And who in Portugal would be closer to God than Cristiano Ronaldo? The captain of the Portuguese national soccer team and multiple World Player of the Year enjoys an influence in this country that makes many a politician green with envy. And Ronaldo recently tested positive for SARS-COV-2, which neither he, nor his coach, nor anyone else inside the Seleção’s high-security wing could explain.

If it were due to the immense danger of the virus, which is able to penetrate even such a tightly meshed network of precautions, we would all have fallen ill long ago and in countless cases already died. Therefore, the CR7 case can rather be seen as a further indication of the inadequacy of the PCR tests used. His Swiss colleague Xerdan Shaqiri, who had also been the victim of a positive test, even enjoyed the privilege of being classified as “no longer infectious” by means of a follow-up examination, and unlike “Coronaldo,” he was allowed to continue working without a quarantine period. This is clear proof that these tests cannot detect an infection and certainly not a disease – a fact that would make the entire global corona policy obsolete.

If the Portuguese soccer god par excellence were to make a statement to that effect, all hell would break loose, at least in Portugal. But for now, Ronaldo has remained silent since leaving Portugal for Turin in a private ambulance and private jet. But at least his sister Katia Aveiro is critical of the Corona narrative in a now-deleted Instagram post: “I believe that today thousands of people who believe so much in this pandemic, in the tests and the measures, will see, just like me, that it’s the biggest fraud I’ve seen since I was born.”

The iron arm of the dictatorship

Still ruling in the small country in the far west of Europe, however, is not the Ronaldo clan, but the long, iron arm of the dictatorship, which has not yet been completely forgotten in Portugal since the fall of the “Estado Novo.” Such opaque structures are still visible in the form of the military police, GNR, which has been in power since the carnation revolt.

ution in 1974 has been able to hold its own until today, even in the democratic network. In recent years, the unit has appeared mainly as a friendly rural and traffic police force, but there has always been uncertainty about its actual powers. The Guarda Nacional Republicana will now play a crucial role in enforcing the totalitarian Corona measures; it already began on Thursday reinforcing patrols and enforcing the rules and measures associated with the declaration of a disaster situation due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

There will be no shortage of work: For example, private individuals will be fined up to 500 euros for violating the above measures. Legal entities are already being fined up to 10000 euros for non-compliance with applicable rules. And further regulations are only a matter of time in the context of the catastrophic state and the further intensification of the test pandemic; curfews over the Christmas days, for example, are already being discussed publicly. Nevertheless, the GNR is not the secret police PIDE, and the current emergency government is not the fascist regime of Salazar. Nor is a non-Portuguese author entitled to make such comparisons. But to recognize and warn against totalitarian tendencies is the duty of every person who cares about the well-being of the country he lives in and loves


Manuel Kuster

Vale de Prazeres, October 16, 2020

Continue reading: https://wersglaubtwirdselig.ch/coronaldo/

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